Maxine was initiated into the Circle of Witchcraft in 1964. The High Priest of that Coven was Alex Sanders, known throughout the world as 'King of the Witches'. Maxine and Alex were Handfasted in 1965 and legally married in 1968.

The Sanders became household names during the sixties and seventies, dramatically bringing Witchcraft, its practices and reality into global consciousness. It is widely acknowledged that the intense publicity surrounding the Sanders precipitated those with a leaning towards the Mysteries to break away from the bonds of the then rigid Christian ethic. Despite the extreme interest of the paparazzi, the many sincere Initiations performed in Maxine and Alex's Covensteads during and since that period saw the inception and fashioned a lineage of Witchcraft that has since spread throughout the world.

Maxine is a highly respected Priestess of the Sacred Mysteries. She has encouraged, enabled and inspired students of the Priesthood to take on the conscious mantle of their spiritual potential. She believes the catalyst for that inspiration comes from the Cauldron of the Goddess in all its guises.

Among Maxine's students and Initiates are those who have written authoritative books and informative works on Modern Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, Gods and Goddesses, Seasonal rituals, Sabbats, Ceremonial magic, Cabbala and The Sacred Magic of the Angels.

Several of Maxine's pupils have become accomplished teachers of esoteric knowledge and work internationally. However, most follow the traditional path and pass on the Sacred Mysteries within the hidden Inner realms of the Temples of the Goddess.

Today, when she is not travelling or talking with her audiences, Maxine practices the Art Magical and celebrates the Crafts rituals either in the mountains or in her stone cottage, Bron Afon. Maxine teaches and guides The Coven of the Stag King in London. The Covens work is dedicated to teaching those who feel the need to fill the magical gaps so often apparent in to-days circles. Her vocation as a Priestess includes talking to audiences who wish to listen and counselling those who are in need of kindness, truth and hope.