After fifty+ years as a teacher in many training covens, Maxine is in an ideal position to appreciate that the Inner Circles of the Priesthoods of the Craft have evolved significantly since her own Initiation! As a result of this evolution, the Craft is now more widely available to seekers.

Until comparatively recently, Maxine had declined to talk publicly about her path. In 2003 she felt that the time was conducive to continue her vocation in the public arena. She was ready to share her experience by giving a series of talks. Her extensive experience of the Craft lends a unique and often humorous touch of her magical life and practices. Her lectures included; Initiation; Training of a Witch; The Power of the Circle.

Life then changed direction making public work difficult. After a few years, she was once again approached with a request to give a talk, she refused on the grounds of not wanting to bore the audience, which in this day and age is a consideration. A solution was found; Maxine now enjoys Q and A's as do her audiences.

Maxine is known to be controversial. straight talking and humorous.

Enquiries should be made via the email below


Title: To Be Confirmed
Witchfest, June 12th 2004, Cardiff
Organisers: Children of Artemis
tel: 01446 748111.

Title:The Power of the Circle
4th Annual Witchcraft Seminar, Camelot Castle, Tintagel, Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th October 2004
Organiser: Adrian & Ann Bryn-Evans.
Tel: 01209 214066.

Title: To Be Confirmed
Witchfest UK, Fairfield Halls Croydon. November 6th 2004
Organisers: Children of Artemis