Maxine has spent fifty+ years developing her intuitive faculties. During that time, she has helped hundreds of people seeking clarity on personal and emotional issues, wanting insight into business matters, or searching for life direction.

As a child, Maxine felt isolated and different from her peers. The cause of this separateness was a natural gift: telepathy and the ability to tune into people, regardless of the distance, time, or knowledge of them. Maxine's extreme aloneness forced her into other realms of being through Astral Projection, which was a comfort to her and of great use to her mother, who used Maxines' ability to spy on her fathers' gambling losses and gains.

This feeling of separation has enabled Maxine to empathise with clients who are experiencing trauma or distress, whether the result of broken relationships, abuse, failure, even blatant success.

Experience has proven her ability to tune into the probable outcome of events, advise against bad reaction, and encourage right action. Maxine treats all aspects of life and its crossroads, with care, kindness, and sometimes healthy bluntness. Confidentiality is absolute. Recognition that we have a choice in the outcome of each of our adventures and endeavours provides us all with the option to look forward with joyful anticipation. Priority is given to energising, positive, happy living.

email in the first instance with a brief outline of your concern: Maxine will endeavour to get back to you within a couple of days.